12 inspired dry erase products and tips for whiteboard lovers

For those moments when MindJet, MindMeister, Popplet and other electronic options are just too constraining, the stationery overlords invented dry erase…everything. In the process of writing about how to create a whiteboard for your laptop, I found these crazy awesome dry erasable everythings:

  1. A kick-ass dry erase wall calendar on Etsy. I kind of want to order 12.
  2. An erasable speech bubble from Macetera on Etsy.
  3. For $374, this 48 x 120 wall sticker is STILL cheaper than it was to whiteboard paint (and then paint over) our entire office.
  4. Via Design Fetish, a dry erase board that looks like a piece of notepaper.
  5. Picture frame stickers with dry erase borders (perfect for funny captions!).
  6. Inspired! Using a stuffed animal as a whiteboard eraser. The damn things are breeding in our cupboards, and now I have a use for them.
  7. A dry erase board that’s shaped like a mirror and would look great by your front door.
  8. For the DIY crowd, a genius guide to making a beautiful dry-erase glass calendar.
  9. But I’m not going to tell you about the dry erase stickers that are so awesome that I need them for my office.
    And when you’re done whiteboarding, don’t forget to snap your brainstorm with your camera or iphone:
  10. Use Evernote to make your photo searchable: if all you remember from that brainstorming session a while ago was somebody suggesting a social media “welcome mat”, then searching Evernote for the phrase “welcome mat” will miraculously turn up the snapshot you took at the end of the meeting.
  11. If you’re using a camera, use an eye-fi card to sync your whiteboard photo automagically over wifi.
  12. If you’re using an iPhone, use JotNot to take a snapshot of your whiteboard; you’ll get a cleaner shot than using the camera app.
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