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Hey Vancouver: It’s okay to be boring

In a previous life, Gulliver was tasked with devising a way to measure the “liveability” of various cities. The ensuing report was aimed at firms who sent expatriate managers to far-flung places, to determine whether they needed to pay a hardship allowance. The... read more

How the Internet made me a better mother

How does the Internet change who we are? Most of my work boils down to this one question, but today, it’s nipping at me with particular urgency. That’s because it’s my 44th birthday, and as I often do on my birthday, I find myself taking stock of my... read more

A family Minecraft policy

Minecraft has become a global phenomenon because kids love playing it, and parents and educators praise the way it fuels creativity and learning. But we’ve held off on introducing it to our household because we’re concerned about the compulsive behaviour... read more

Why I’m leaving Vision Critical

As of today, I’m leaving my role as Vision Critical’s VP of Social Media so I can spend more time with my devices. While it’s been a delight to lead Vision Critical’s efforts on social media R&D, I’m returning to my life as an independent consultant so that I can... read more

If conferences were like slot machines

My Facebook friends should be forgiven if they think I’m in Vegas to try out novelty slot machines. I was actually here to deliver three presentations on “How social media drives consumer decisions” at the LeadingRE real estate conference. I got to... read more

Can shomi solve Canada’s video streaming problem?

When I drove past a billboard earlier this week that promised me a new universe of streaming media, I nearly pulled over to the side of the road so that I could try it. Right. Now. Was this the day I’d been waiting for? The day when I’d finally experience... read more

What’s wrong with the Ello backlash

My latest blog post for the Harvard Business Review argues that Ello — the “it” social network of the week — is a wake-up call for businesses to re-assess their social media strategy in light of growing public concerns about privacy and ad... read more

11 best practices for working with an editor

My latest blog post for the Harvard Business Review makes the case for adding an editor to your content marketing team. As I note in that post, Content marketing will only deliver on its promise if it’s good enough to deliver customers–that’s why improving the quality... read more
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